Roineck Rubbish

Mundane Day. Fair start. Still under weather but enough stationarity has evidenced that I am in a withstanding mode. 

The weather beavers are foretelling horror and pain for the next few days. certainly it will be painful with FD SCP and dripping. But this morning is passable, if not comfortable. 

Off to gym. Passable podcast. The usual, a CBC “Best of Ideas” episode interviewing a journalist who was willing to indict others. Impressive. I had not considered it before but contemporary journalism can definitely be characterized as Red Neck Journalism. All the news is catch phrases, the shorter the better. No substance, no accuracy, just blather with a punch.

Speaking of which I was informed last night was the Amerikan Pro (but hardly professional) Soccer Championship. One of the animal totems won. That’s my level of interest in the activity. Adding to the wasteland that weekend television has become. I retired before the fighting began and missed all.

That at least was not painful. 

I have read that less than 0.25 of the population likes pro soccer and less than 0.5 likes pro sports in any aspect. So why all the grrr brrr? Seems to fit in with the Red Neck Journalism.