Fourth Thought

Still puny. Last day of anti-microbials. Still under the weather and feeling far less than cured. Likely one of the “benefits” of being senior.

While on the weather azimuth, yuck returneth. The weather beavers are busy fortelling great horrors for next week. May be another bunker period.

The time has given me opportunity to reflect on the political situation – among other things. As a result it seems we have to give the prevarication prize to the former FLOTUS for claiming she won in Iowa and the Capitalist Tyrant for claiming the election was stolen from him by the Canadian Gray. 

Are any of these candidates honorable and honest enough to serve in the office sought? Doesn’t look at all so.

The only good thing seems to be that the Christianist Jihadist has dropped out. Maybe there is a secular component after all?

How long has it been since the nation had an actual statesman?