Book Beggings

Ice Cream Day. And happily quite different from last week. Air temperature in lower fifties degF. Quite a nice constitutional this morning although it has been long enough that I never quite could settle into a contemplative train of thought. But the obviousness of the immersion in Nature was quite pleasing.

I spent all of yesterday following FD SCP about the rest of Marshall county. Rather frustrating. I tend to be a hunter type of fellow, darting about till I find something that minimally satisfies my requirement, acquiring it, and dashing on, whereas FD SCP is a gatherer type who has to look at various instances of the same thing before selecting the optimal, which often is the one back at the first place visited. But it is good to do this periodically so that we may appreciate each others’ insanity.

But I was a bit struck by my winter ear problem and suffered some tension in my jaw as a result which was not painful but decidedly distracting. Which put me in a mode to be quite happy to return home in the late afternoon and collapse a bit. 

I did however, get to scan a few things on the internet and this cartoon: [Link]

which struck a bit of a resonance.

I am not a fan of audio books. Too many things wrong with them. First of all, how do you pause them in a functioning way? How do you carry them about with you? How do you keep them from annoying other folks?

And second, how do you retain the information? Or absorb it in the first place? 

I am one of those people who can keep visual images – of pages, e.g. – for a LONG time but can’t recall what I said five minutes ago much less what someone else said. So I am a barren auditory learner. 

I have some colleagues who listen to audio books. But they all do much like I do with podcasts. Use them as diversion/entertainment. They don’t want to learn, just be diverted from some unenjoyable activity. 

So I don’t even understand why this fellow is trying to buy an audio book at all. Unless he is also just looking for diversion which is given the collapse by the rest of the cartoon. As he notes, audio books are hideously MORE expensive – in most cases – in addition to their other faults. Yes, I agree they are wonderful for handicapped folks who can’t read visually, but modal people?

I won’t stray to the variant about eBooks. It’s just another natter on learning compromise.