Reversed Country

Freya’s Day. Horrible start. Slept in – that was good because it was in moderation and unforced – but then found the air temperature only a degF shy of walking range. So I was denied Nature and left with a book on the stationary bicycle. It’s a good, albeit dated, book, though. More later.

I am starting the tab cleaning early this week, mostly because I am in a hurry for the week to get good. As earlier said, too much dashing about and shouting. 

On which note, I saw a PEW poll [Link] about how voters are skeptical of this year’s POTUS candidates. They structured their poll with five states: two positive, one neutral, and two negative. But to liven things up I calculated the ratio of negative responses to positive responses. The results:

  • Clinton    1.26
  • Trump     1.68
  • Sanders  1.17
  • Cruz        1.11
  • Carson    1.31
  • Rubio      1.21
  • Christie   1.90
  • Bush        2.47
  • Kaisch     1.85

Quite frankly I was surprised the ambivalence to Cruz is so small. I find him too self-serving and bat-shit crazy. How he got elected to congress in the first place is indicative of his Hitleresque qualities.

The second [Link] is an article on how stupid most of our compulsive sanitation practices are. Which does not bode well for the coming election. But we can rest serene in our confidence in the ability of the American people to do what is wrong with complete conviction of rightness. Amerika – the reversed country.