Dysfunctional Politicians

Freya’s Day again. And the weather beavers are foretelling solid dihydrogen oxide. The snow form that gets dirty and turns into ice. Nasty deceitful stuff.

Speaking of which, I ran across an article [Link] of work that indicates that the reason government is whacked is because the members of the two political parties hate the other’s members. This is not, supposedly, a difference of policy beliefs but of actual Hobbesian desire to kill. 

So the restraint they show of not butchering each other on the floor of congress is actually commendable?

I call it arrogance, incompetence, and greed. Overweening ambition. These schmucklets are elected to better the state of the nation and its citizenry and they are fighting each other over partisan allegiance.

Either cooperate and find middle ground or risk being destroyed by citizen reaction. 

The problem is that we have skewed things so that only members of these two political parties may hold office. At least effectively.

So any remedy seems likely to be extra-legal. Military coup. Popular rebellion. 

This is the democratic (as in democracy, not democrud party) equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

The problem is not the government, it’s the politicians holding office.