Fever Relief?

Woden’s Day. Perhaps best today to view things with one eye shut? Less sparse at gym this morning, reflecting the return of sunshine patriots. Podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” was two microns short of boring.

Space? Not, just mumblage about resurrecting mammoths. Not engaging. Mostly because the discussion was about the difficulties and that list was way too long. Also because it’s mathematically impossible short of a national commitment. And while politicians are that whacked some others aren’t. 

Speaking of which, I see that the senator from Tuscaloosa has picked some guy up in a bar to do his commercials. Fellow they claim is named for a state. Speaks rot and gibberish. No logical basis. No numbers. Just negativity. That’s the hallmark of this senator. Has never done anything positive, possibly in his whole life. Just does negative things. Opposed. Prevents. No started. No finished. Just destroyed. Or tried to. 

The podcast was so grits that I ended up giving some attention to the “NEWS”. Seems the Taliban has once more demonstrated its hatred of education and rational thought. Attacked a college in Pakistan. Many casualties. The question is whether this is general behavior for religionists or specific to muslim sociopaths. And is that latter redundant?

My leaning, based on watching christianists in the old Confederacy is that it’s general behavior. What is evangelism if not terrorism?

On which azimuth, I posed the question “How long does NEWS last?” Most of what the news reader was mumbling was rehash from last evening. It definitely felt more like OLDS than NEWS. So the decay time of NEWS is less than twelve hours? Not, evidently what the news programming believes. They’ll still be telling the same tired rehash tonight.

The question is, is this a reflection of the paucity of NEWS (that they’ll report) in the world, an inability to adapt to modern communication times, or managerial stupidity? My initial conjecture is all three.

The weather beavers are hedging their foretellment of solid dihydrogen oxide from the sky. At least here in Greater Metropolitan Arab. Perhaps I will be debunkered today?