Poo Party

Tab hawg’in day. Some thoughts and comments from the modern reading list.

First, an article [Link] on the construction nightmare in Huntsville.

I have already commented to this but was renewed by a quote.

The Lord High Mayor of Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill pronounced,

“There will be construction but it won’t be something that’s a show stopper for a lot of our retailers,” 

I fear that his lordship is a schmucklet.

Remember the overpass at Haysland-Hamilton shopping center? Most bogs, and GEN Ys will ask what shopping center this is and where it is. That’s because that shopping center hasn’t recovered from the show stopper. What’s damning is that Haysland-Hamilton is less than a mile south of Martin Road. 

This can’t be blamed on his lordship. It’s a fact-of-life in Huntsville. The city works on the roads somewhere and the businesses in the area crash and burn. Some move away; those that can’t die. If you have business savvy in Huntsville you worry about one thing: customer access. If customers can’t get to your store, or get back from your store, then your business will fail. Even if you are selling aurium for a penny a pound. (that may be a slight exaggeration.) 

They’ve been doing this – to my knowledge – since the ’50’s. Historians – the ones not in the city’s employ – tell me it goes back to the city’s founding. 

Secong, I note an article [Link] entitled “Study proposes eating poop may help people lose weight”. Didn’t Heinlein say something about this. About the same time frame as Scudder? 

Gonna go hunker down until I have to drip faucets. That’s the only part of the internet-of-things I have found to be interested in: a faucet that drips itself. I hate winter. And Huntsville is getting almost as bad.