Second Best

Two Day. Higher air temperature. Almost at the phase change point of ice to water (solid -> liquid dihydrogen oxide) when I motored to gym. Very sparse. Three patrons plus the clerk. Relatively quiet other than the noxious video track of hospital advertisements that are egregious examples of every advertisement is a prevarication. Unhappily most of my non-damaging counter-measures have been figured out and I am not resolved enough to sabotage the equipment.

However much it grates and annoys. 

Sad day for diversion. The Guardian science podcast was all about space stuff which is about as diverting as a hangover. And in much the same way. I fear my taste for space opera has rather sapped my attention span for things like hole boring on Mars. I won;t say it isn;t important but it isn’t engaging for me. And it isn’t my kind of science. If you’re inept at experimentation then experimentation isn’t really attractive. Rather like the chemistry of milk for those of us who are modal and lack any of the cattle herder mutations. After being forced to drink milk into adolescence one develops an aversion to milk.

Which means that those advertisements for lactose-minimized milk are not only nasty but nauseating. 

The weather beavers say tonight will be a repeat of Sundae night so that is another nasty/nauseating. And they are already making dire threats about next week. I do so hate winter.

Nothing of substance to mutter today. No great ideas bubbling up.

Film at Eleven.