Mundane Failures

Yes, it is Mundane Day but the nature of the failure are also mundane as in real.

First, the Huntsville weather beavers failed deep poo. Predicted low this morning 23 degF. Actual temperature as of ywo minutes ago on local Arab weather measurement station: 17 degF. I call that inadequate pony.

The Yankee government’s National Weather Service forecast was, I believe, 16 degF.

Indicative of where we put our trust? 

Second, I went to gym this morning. Roads clear and I wasted a bit of petrol keeping the car habitable. Scant population. Many people at home congratulating themselves on their canniness. 

The failure was the podcast. An episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”.  Talk by some muslim academic on Nature. Actually a brag session on his religion. Very definitely off the deep end. All sorts of claims of rightness. 

If this is a moderate, then there may be something to the notion that all mulsims are terrorists. I don’t like that notion. It bothers me. But if some guy comes up to me and says: “my religion is right and you and all you do and think are wrong and you have to do what I tell you to do and think”, then I am not going to acquiesce quietly. 

Evangelism is terrorism and what this guy was sprouting was extreme evangelism and whackedness. Nonsense. At odds with observed reality.

So CBC failed. No pony at all. Just poo.

Hope that’s the end of it for the day. But I doubt it.