Neandertals and Nincompoops

Ice Cream day. And despite my hatred for the persistent misuse of the word literal –

Literal Lit”er*al (l[i^]t”[~e]r*al), a. [F. lit[‘e]ral, litt[‘e]ral, L. litteralis, literalis, fr. littera, litera, a  letter. See Letter.]   1. According to the letter or verbal expression; real; not figurative or metaphorical; as, the literal meaning of a phrase.      [1913 Webster] 

– today and the next few days will be close, closer, at least, that what most of the bogs mean when they use the word. 

The organizational stress of yesterday’s rainfall was cancelled, but not before its approach played merry ned with my sinuses and teeth. Too often that ache is the worse part of the weather disaster trumpeted but  unfulfilled by the weather beavers. 

Evidently their predictions of wind speed and intensity proved to be overoptimistic. I use “optimistic” because it has become evident that the weather beavers have been “crying wolf!” to increase their dwell time and hence revenues. This is sad. Now they have reduced themselves to the level of journalists and can no longer be trusted.

It seems, according to the Max Planck Institut, [Link] that allergy problems such as these can be blamed on miscegenation. Seems we got some disease resistance/protection and allegies from Neandertals. 

This brings up the intriguing question of whether those late comers from Africa do not suffer from allergies? You know, the ones who are pure Sapiens, unlike the rest of us mongrels. 

Along that vein, a study by wonks at Carnegie-Mellon U [Link] indicates – by claim – that outgroup violence – themism violence – does not arise from religion belief. Does this indicate that evangelism – and its muslim equivalent – are organizational in origin? Answers unforthcoming again.

It is becoming increasingly evident as we complete one-sixth of the twenty-first century that its great challenge may be whether we succumb to the tyranny of religion slavery?

Increasingly, all religions seem to be deciding that their existence is incompatible with both other religions and self-determination – to include democratic government.

I hear every day here in the old confederacy from some christianist thumper that his denomination is under attack. Indicatively, this attack is blamed on those who want to determine what they believe and that – almost certainly – isn’t his flavor of superstition rather on the other denominations who want to destroy his and absorb its adherents involuntarily. If it were not so horrible it would be entertaining given the conflict’s Darwinian nature. 

And Hobbesian? 

Another time I am glad to be a senior. Despite my neandertal DNA.