Sleep Stupidity

Conflicted. This has not been a good week. It has definitely been winter. Not yet dripping temperatures but more than close. So lots of tension each night retiring and again in morning. And the weather beavers foretell even worse next week.

Meantime, today and tomorrow seem fallish. Almost 50 degF when I sallied forth to the park this morning for an atypical constitutional. It rained all night and while the paths were wetted they were not africtive and so I was able to enjoy an excellent constitutional and shudder at what I had been missing and how mentally deprived winter is.

On which azimuth, I ran across an article – second handedly – claiming that intelligent people are more nocturnal than unintelligent people. Sadly the thing screams of patronizing journalism attempting to justify dissipation and aproductivity. We already have a nation whose citizens suffer from a lack of sleep, both in quantity and quality. And this crass journalism, citing only a psychology popularization periodical, itself journalistic in nature, invites – tacitly – people to deprive themselves of what sleep they get in a vain, vacuous attempt to demonstrate intelligence?

The better exercise of intelligence would seem to be finding the fallacies embedded in this article. 

Yes, intelligent people do stay up later. If one is on a creative, mentative trail then sleep is banished. But the relationship is unidirectional. One cannot evade sleep to empower creativity or mentation. Rather the opposite. lack of sleep is mentally debilitating. 

A better approach is to try to sleep and if one’s thoughts and ache for progress precludes sleep, then stay up and work that thought and ache. It cannot be summoned. But once emerged, it must be exercised or lost. One cannot put inspiration in the deep freeze. It sublimes immediately.