Strange in the Mouth

I do detest winter. And while this is not nasty yet, it is biting and evil. And the nasty is supposed to arrive next week.

Spent yesterday morning in company of dentist. Had a couple of teeth crowned, at least initially. Now my mouth is that of a stranger. This leads me to wonder about all these nonsense things like brain transplants (mind transfers?) into cloned bodies. With or without fixes. But even if the genetics is the same, the environment was’t. 

I also ran across this cartoon: [Link]

I have to admit that the first thing I did was to gooey this Simmons chap. Not impressed. If it had been one of the Kingston Trio or some other folk musician, perhaps, but after all these are entertainers and we don’t really care whether they have any real mentation or not. Talent, after all, is not the same as intelligence. Or smarts.

I had a computer as a child. An older child, I admit, but that was in the ’50’s and ’60’s. But I had an analog computer that I built myself. Had to learn how to solder. And it crunched numbers. Heck, all computers crunch numbers but most of that crunching these days is like this Simmons chap. Entertainment. Not smarts.