Happy New Year

Saturn’s day. Past – hopefully – the horrible holiday season that ushers in winter. Except that Monday  is Newtonmas but is that hyperimportant STEM day really a holiday? Does a holiday have to be official? And what organization makes it official? Government or Religionment? Or can we just make these up and force them on society by dint of persistence and perseverance?

And the evil days did usher in winter. Below the solid dihydrogen oxide temperature this morning. And foetold to be so for at least the next three before any improvement. My lower legs and feet have entered a “cold” state and my upper legs a clammy (?) state that bodes to be continuous until deep into spring, months for now. The outlook is dismal and so am I. 

On a happier note, I observe that my dire concerns over the state of the schules has been (possibly) upheld. [Link] I offer a quote about a high schule in Nawthern Karolinia:

“According to college entrance exams administered to every 11th grader in the state last spring, only one in 10 Berea students were ready for college-level work in reading, and about one in 14 were ready for entry-level college math. And on a separate test of skills needed to succeed in most jobs, little more than half of the students demonstrated that they could handle the math they would need.”

Now I note that this is a journalist written article and hence rather untrustworthy, and college entrance exams are notoriously undependable and poor predictors of life after college. That latter however, is not the purpose of the test. It is simply to identify those who will be a waste of the college’s resources for inadequate compensation.

It also identifies those who will be a waste of the colleges’s resources but will compensate adequately. These however, will not be rejected if space is available. Better a rock with money than a penurious genius. But that’s about the university as factory and that is another tirade.

Point being is that the nation’s public schules are abysmal failures. They have sold out. And as a result our young are not only ignorant but effectively unteachable and alearnable after years of being exposed to rot and rubbish and greed.

This is not a serious problem. No, it is a survival problem. This level of slime moldness is sufficient to completely destroy the country.

And we have done it to ourselves.

No pity. No sympathy. Just joy that I am old and will die before the worst.