Life in Alabama 4

As I was motoring about yesterday morning to the Yankee government’s postal service – its BEST endeavor IMHO – and other errands, it occurred to me that if one is moderately intelligent and rational and lives in Greater Metropolitan Arab, one is drawn to hold very low expectations of the other inhabitants.

And those expectations are upheld continuously!

So once more, the primary advantage to living in Alibam is the feeling of superiority that one has forced upon one.

A disadvantage however, is that unless one is a sociopath, one is continually depressed by the inability of the inhabitants to improve their society and themselves. And, of course, the total waste of time and effort trying to help them improve.

One more demonstration of the irrelevance of humankind to Nature, I suppose. 

At least until the retribution is visited.

Happy (Totally Arbitrary) New Year Day!