Grammar Credibility

Survived the excursion to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Not sure if season or new dash-cam but the stupidity density was especially low yesterday. Only one schmucklet and he/she will shortly be on a shaming web site. 

But I did notice something yesterday morning while listening to podcast. Because of the season I had to listen to a different one than usual. Can’t stand these brain-absent holiday specials. Anyway, talking about measels’ effect on immune system and the nit-brian speaking said (approximately) “the immuno-suppression of the immune system…” 

Instant credibility vacuum. Nothing that the noid said after was the least bit credible or trustable. And this from a post-doc. (Questionable in other ways, but not – hopefully – technically) Complete waste of everyone’s time and all because of a minor grammar glitch.

Don’t use the same noun root in one expression without due care.

I hear these every day but mostly from news readers. Who have scant credibility anyway. After all, they are journalists with cosmetics. Mouths without brains. Eyes without intelligence. 

But nerds speaking such? Embarrassing. Perhaps an indication of how the universities have rotted as factories?

Firing parties need to be formed.