Christmas Hurts

I ran across an article [Link] last week entitled “5 facts about Christmas in America.” It’s about a PEW Poll and the first question asked whether Christmas was a religious/religionist or cultural holiday? The second part is whacked in my opinion since culture is supposed to be about survival rules and christmas clearly is counter-survival.

But then it occurred that if the occurrence of christmas is religion/religionist then that is part pf the reason why organizational commitment is waning.

Christmas is hurtful. Stressful. Damaging. It’s the most hurtful of the holidays and has horrible result. I am still not recovered from it. Too many EXTROs (who are relatives,) who seem to delight in torturing the INTROs.

I still have wounds, and maybe illness.

And I once more pledged to leave town next year.

Christmas is ruining family and religion. 

Is that good?