Monday Richness

Once more into week in. And the weather beavers are foretelling another spate of rain. This time only five centimeters or so. Matybe.

So it seems meet that I do what I should have done yesterday and clear a few tabs.

First, an article [Link] on how seniors are messing up their medication scheduling. Scant wonder. I am pretty good at scheduling. I lay out a schedule, then I use a client that does scheduling, then I compare and refine. And it still isn’t easy. Because the physicians can’t be bothered to discuss medications with patients, probably because patients are in too much of a hurry to escape before something gets added to a day already consumed by medicalist requirements, and the information handed out by pharmacies is more about legal protection for them than helping patients.

Case in point. Several of my medications say to take their incremental dose with “a cup of water”. Is that a figurative more than a sip or actually a quarter-liter? And if I drink a quarter-liter per pill so instructed my dihydrogen oxide daily consumption is up around four liters which is itself a bit risky and definitely has ill effects.

But no one is working to help with this problem, perhaps because those who have the medicalist knowledge can’t do scheduling and don’t have time to devote to every senior that way. 

Next, my colleague Magnetic Inductance Force sent me a link to an article entitled “Android on the desktop: Not really “good,” but better than you’d think”.  Having used Android on slablets, I am not about to use it as a desktop, sans ANY OTHER CHOICE. Well, maybe. If left to a choice between Android and Winders (akin to choosing between the Hillary and the Donald) I would be highly conflicted. Let me put it another way: leave my Debian based KDE desktop FC? Sooner would I give up the cellular phone and the tablet. They are not very good at what they do on a touch screen so why should I want them for real work?

Can one do real work on a slablet. My considered opinion is NYET!

But the question I raise is how much longer are we going to be sold the lie that there is one OS/GUI/DTE for all screen sizes/computers/tasks? It’s distracting us from doing things efficiently and effectively. 

Lastly, an article [Link] entitled “Hating parts of Star Trek is an essential part of loving Star Trek.” This after I saw this morning that the latest segment of Star Wars has broken a billion American of inflow. Not bad for a racist, sexist, slavist story line. That’s the primary reason for liking Star Trek. From the get go it’s about freedom and self-determination and sentient rights. 

But yes, there are some bits not to be liked. For one, I find TNG to be sadly deficient compared to any other ST segment. Even the prequel with that time travel actor. Although, as always, all the cool is concentrated in the techies and Vulcans. It is hard to find why humans are the least bit noteworthy for anything but being amateurs. Which is a whole lot. And I know that puts me at odds with many, but that’s also part of the richness of ST. 

And ST is a whole lot richer  than SW. Just calculate the entropy of their collected societies. 

Selah. Sit and await the rain.