After the Pogrom

Saturn’s Day. And the rain abated enough for me to have constitutional. Despite the paths being more than wetted and the drainage ditches gurgling and spitting. In fact I discovered a couple I had been unaware of just from their noise. 

Yesterday was horrible. It rained so much that every leak in the roof was made apparent. Most of these are drying leaks and correct themselves once the wood has absorbed a bit of water. But yesterday the rain came so muchly that wetted became drip and drop. 

At least the worst (?) (hopefully!) day of the year is past and I may enjoy a bit of solitude and silence for a while. At least until the next holiday when I have to endure relatives and suppress thoughts of discorporation. 

I have decided that I do not like holidays. With being ORF I have scant need of holidays and many reasons need them to go away. Accesses to medical care and merchants being at or near the top of the list.

They have their uses but I am not sure those uses are still valid. Especially now that so many corporations are ignoring them. Yesterday’s blogs were shot through with discussions of how to avoid the holiday and what services and access were still present despite the inertia of the event.

Part of it is likely also the commonality of the observance. I enjoy private moments of reflection but have no need to be exposed to ear piercing bairns or nattering parents. And the food. Dire digestive distress! Almost as bad as the sinus drainage last evening. 

Enough. On to a brighter (if not bright) future.