Day of Joy and Merry???????

Freya’s day. And the observance of the holiday of Christmas. Highly conflicted. So far as I can tell by library research, the actual birthday of Joshua ben Joseph was sometime in March. So the old saw, often attributed to the Nazis, of the early organizational church taking over the Winter Solstice, with all the benefits thereby. 

Good philosophy, evil organization.

But what does the day matter? Isn’t it the social aspects?

Of course part of the conflict is the commercialization. Which grew out of the social aspects. The gift giving and cards and drunken brawls and such. So we are programmed from childhood to associate this day with the greatest benefice of loot for the calendar year. Even bigger than birthday anniversary loot. Exceeded only by graduation loot (maybe) and marriage loot (shared and too often, then days, lost)

So the spirit is often smothered in the materialism and consumerism and other pseudo-religions.

Not that there isn’t a great deal of pseudo to organized religion. But not going there.

The other aspect is stress. Not sure why having merriment has become stressful but it has. Too much planning and effort and control and regimentation and civilization. Very NAZI. Especially by parents.

And even as adults we can’t escape it. For a variety of reasons.

So I took solice in a couple of cartoons. First: [Link]

My higher family gathering was yesterday and the lower family gathering is tomorrow. So today I can avoid all family but FD SCP. And I have a large bottle of hard cider laid on for the afternoon. And maybe even a beer or so? Why? Because you can’t ethanolize if you are traveling or around bible thumpers and religionist terrorists. 

The second: [Link]

expresses a stress that I thought was a curse of being a INTRO NERD STEM. Instead it is part of life. Of how you try quite hard to do the loot thing well, especially for the SO, and it flops. Not occasionally. Consistently. Repeatedly. Regularly. Like the desired state of defecation.

And it’s common enough that some kitsch cartoonist can make humor of it. So “damn the torpedoes. full steam ahead.”

Do hunter-gatherers do this? And is the problem with gifting whether it gets discarded the next move? How long has this been around? Is it in our genes? Or just in out most basic society?