Holiday Terrorism

Ice Cream day. Air temperature quite a bit above that depth, however. But still not enough for constitutional.So I sat the bicycle and finished Westfall’s short biography of Newton. Somehow this seemed a fit reading for the season given the Isaac was born on 25 December Julian. Sadly, the book left me a bit down. As with almost all biographies the book only told a part of the story, usually the big deeds. But they almost all fail in leaving out the fundamental nature of the person. What did they worry about? What did they fuss over? What did they avoid? What made them laugh? Only Pais’ biography of Einstein had any inkling of this and he was a friend and contemporary.

I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

and it resonated with me. This is part of what I hate the most about this season. Not the profusion of holidays, but rather the evangelism and pseudo-righteous indignation of some holders of a particular one.

I have bashed this matter before, so I shall be brief. Simply put,

Evangelism is Terrorism.

You can, quietly, snort and mutter derisively about other people’s dedication in holidays, but you CANNOT try to impose your dedication on them as the only right and true way.

So don’t do it. Not if you want to pretend to being human. If you just want to pretend to be something else, then please do it on Luna. Or with your self unpresent and your speech stilled. 

I should acknowledge one possible exception for this cartoon. The depicted individual may be opposed to the season itself. He should still keep it to himself, however.

So Happy Newtonmas, Joyous Solstice, Merry XMAS, Happy New Year, …………… And keep it in the box!