Demodex Delight

It being the season of merry, not thankfulness – we did that one last month – or piety or worshipfulness – that got done away with centuries ago, probably as a groundswell to take back solstice from the religionist fascisms that stole it for their own exaltation, I wanted to comment on something that makes me merry.

I refer specifically to Demodex folliculorum, which is a rather neat litlle beastie that makes home and hearth on facial hair follicles. Yours, and mine, in particular. This is a rather odd looking fellow,

What appears to be a rather long tail is actually a stercus sack. This beastie only defecates once in its life. It grows to adulthood and stores all of its feces in that sack. Eventually the sack gets as full as it can be and bursts, releasing all of the feces at once. And, killing the beastie in the process.

What makes me merry is that this is the only animal I know of who makes humans look good. 

It also gives rather a nice viewpoint on all of the holidays of the season: christmas, festivus, kwanza, solstice, newtonmas….

It’s also a nice thought to consider that these things live on our faces and we never see them. 

Be merry!