New Word

Saturn’s day. Air temperature even lower than yesterday. So once more to the stationary bicycle. Except that it isn’t, it is just limited to converting striding to circular motion, with a bit of friction added to resist the striding. So why is it called stationary? Perhaps to make bogs think they are intelligent and sentient?

After my last exasperation with an acquaintance misusing “cold” and getting miffed when I pointed out their error – sadly a bog that I should like to be rid of but need for survival until I can find a replacement – I did a bit of plumbing about in my OED and discovered to my satisfaction that while “cold” is not a valid thermodynamic word, “colding” is in the sense that the thermodynamic condition can make one “cold”, which satisfies the common misusage as well as the actual meaning of the word. This seems rather analogous to the relationship between “cool” and “cooling” in that one may perceived an iced or refrigerated beverage to be a “cool” drink but only “cooling” has thermodynamic meaning.

I do have to assay forth today, which is supposed to be more moderate than yesterday due to the encroachment of a “warm” front.

When will meteorologists learn any science? Probably never. Not only do they not seem to understand basic optics, but it seems thermodynamics is orthogonal to their mediaist brains.

But at least they give me good and sufficient cause to seek out the local weather station web page and avoid their journalism.

Oh, I do hate winter. And this season of holidays.