My Thoughts on Belli Stellorum

As expected this morning my usual sampling of the internets was replete with many bit and chunks of spacial fantasy. On one “blog” site, [Link] “io9 Round-Table: What Does Star Wars Mean to You?” greeted me early on. On [Link] it was

Let me set the tone immediately now. What does this fantasy mean to me? Lots of things but starting with the biggie, implicit support of slavery. Admittedly, it is passively positive in the sense that the primary villain and heroes are risen from slavery, at least generationally. 

It also has some amazing contradictions, like trying to negate the rule that you don’t take a knife (and only a knife) to a gun fight. Admittedly there are exceptions, in reality, much less fantasy, to the rule but this fantasy tries to make it a generality. This seems to be a purification of the equites – knight – social niche akin to that perpetrated by religionist organizations in past. It seems to fit here that the villains seem to be consistently depicted as dragons.

It’s also a genre as old as pulp science fiction: sword and spaceship. Admittedly this doesn’t seem to be in the usual post-collapse “civilization” where somehow the capability of building spaceships has been retained but not the technology of firearms. Alas, one of the most unbelievable parts of this fantasy are the density of people who can actually bash the technology and not just hack it. Which is as big a civilization hiccup as the usual one, IMHO.

I may be accused of being a Trekkie/Trekker/Trekite/… Admitted, but only in the sense that the Federation is anti-slavery. At least officially. 

I also have to admit to not seeing the folks who are consumed with this fantasy. I suspect part of this is being senior and scientist, but at least part if due to living in Greater Metropolitan Arab in Nawth Alibam in the old Confederacy. Which is currently undergoing a bit of a rebellion now with the Yankee government playing the part of Empire and the old C as the Old Republic. Complete with Southron Belles (Princesses,) Red Necks (Rebellion warriors,) and bible thumpers (Jedi?) Violence and fantasy are the clear commonalities here.

I have no objection to their affiliation, if not affliction, so long as it doesn’t intrude too harshly on my existence. This morning it did, mostly courtesy of the capitalist overlords and their media serfs. 

Venting ended for now.

Except to note that this is an improvement of the Southron religion of football. Which ended – effectively – just a week ago. Capitalist wiles?