How Many Years must the Dog….

Thor’s day. Not quite good. Spent yesterday running about, first money disposal in Nawth Alibam’s Shining CIty on the Hill and then a rush down the mountain to get teeth examined for fracture. Turned out to be a semi-Nervous Nellie but I am now scheduled for two crownings in the new year. 

And the joy of wondering if teeth will self-destruct in the interim.

This getting old stuff is less than favorable.

What is favorable is that the new wisdom [Link] have been domesticated for 33 KY. There is also speculation/conjecture that they domesticated themselves. This latter is not really new, it’s an idea that has been floating about for some time.

Of course, the realist outlook on all this is that dogs began domesticating humans about 33 KY ago. The hard question is whether they have been rousing successes or resounding failures.

Perhaps the former from the dog’s POV but definitely the latter from the human POV.