Electron Longevity

I am NOT a particle physicist. All this stuff with standard model came about after I finished coursework and quite frankly being an introvert I am not driven to lemming physics environments. 

Maybe I should have said ant colony? 

Anyway, not given to more than arms length, few people collaborations.

But I was intrigued to read [Link] that some folks in Italia have taken a stab at making measurements to indicate the mean-time-to-decay for an electron.

They came up with 6.6E28 years (approximately) which was given by one source as “66,000 yottayears “. I had never seen the prefix yotta before and when I looked it in in my copy of Tuma I discovered it didn’t go that high.

I personally have always favored a prefix system that is logical and numeric: kilo; milli; killi, trilli, quadrilli, quintilli;…..

But I’m not in charge of usch and don;t want to be. Too much fervency and pseudo-boggism.

But that’s a lottayears, which is a Saganesque type of prefix. Happily the chicken guy is more rational about such. 

In fact it’s older than the life (to date) of our universe. 

Sorta makes you worry about how things end, doesn’t it?

Except the EXTRO Bogs. They go and party.