Christmas Chemistry

One of the neat things about most liquids is solvation. That is, dissolving another chemical (unloaded connotation) in the liquid. WHich is also a chemical.

Great Fun: remind some Bog that water is a chemical. Preferably in an organic grocery store. Mind implosion! 

Anyway, the neatness extends to a limit on how much of the chemical, called the solute, the liquid, called the solvent, can dissolve. Add any more past that and it just piles up, undissolved, in the bottom of the container. 

Now let’s use that model on christmas. I use that term because all of the advertising I see claims to sell stuff for christmas. Not hannukah, not kwanza, not solstice, not Newtonmas. Christmas.

So the solute is christmas advertising and the solvent is my attention span/mind.

And the solvent has a limited capacity to dissolve the solute. So at some point my attention span/mind can’t absorb any more advertising. It just falls down and piles up. Unattentioned. By definition, failed advertising. 

And the advertiser had to pay for that advertising. So wasted money. And no sales.

Ignorance of Science. The real law.

And I won;t even mention those lists that tell me these are the things I should want based on some characteristic. When I examine them what they offer ranges from unwanted junk to run-and-hide from the giver. But I now understand why it’s so hard to find a spouse. One wrong gift and it’s over. Perfectly innocent, perfectly insane. And scary.

And we should consider renaming the holiday. Maybe to Corporatemas? Or Capitalismas? Then we could get the real (?) religion disassociated from the greed religion?