All Wrong

Sometimes it is all I can do not to hurl dense objects at the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver. Even with FD SCP present to provide to moderating influence. 

Almost always during the “news” period of evening. 

Abysmal stupidity and inaccuracy. At least on the bits I know. And given the depths of such I have to conjecture also for the other bits.

Point in mutter: Hoverboards.

I am NOT a fan of the back-to-the-future movies. Liked the dogs. Liked the idea of a rabbinical scientist doing science albeit it’s impossible to check to see if it’s good science given the trashiness of the movie presentation.

Don’t care at all for the rest. Very much not up to even the crudest of time travel SF stories/novels/books. Rather like watching a bad cartoon written by a three year old. And I have to apologize to almost ALL three year old infants when I say that. They have better sense than the folks who wrote the movies.

Now I conceded the movies were written for EXTRO Bogs. In fact, that is a complete indictment.

But this grrr brrrr this season about hover boards? More absolute crap.

Clearly a wing shaped board with a LARGE wheel at each end is NOT a slightly curved but rectangular board floating six (?) inches off the ground surface. Which was the idea of the original “hover board” in the movie.

It clearly isn’t a hover anything, at least in the sense of the English (American?) language. I quote:

Hover Hov”er, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Hovered; p. pr. & vb. n.   Hovering.] [OE. hoveren, and hoven, prob. orig., to abide,    linger, and fr. AS. hof house; cf. OFries. hovia to receive  into one’s house. See Hovel.]    1. To hang fluttering in the air, or on the wing; to remain      in flight or floating about or over a place or object; to      be suspended in the air above something.      [1913 Webster]

I don’t think Mr. Webster would agree that rolling about on wheels is hovering?

On the other hand, the physics is pretty clear. We don’t wank on the floor. We get as close to it as the equalization of gravity and the electromagnetic repulsion/attraction of the particles in the floor and our selves. So yes, Virginia (and Quadgop, who already knows this,) we do hover.

So excuse me now while I de-hover from my chair and walk on my hover-shoes into the kitchen to make some hover-toast.

Common sense is almost always abysmally inaccurate. But Bogs can’t handle reality.