Light Straggling

Thor’s day. End of gym for the week. And the weather beavers foretell I will likely be able to do some constitutional this week out. Huzzah!

Sparse in gym. Only one weight bouncer and that the polite one. And no (!) educationalists. And a moderately diverting podcast, an episode of Linux Luddites, with scant enrichment but at least the attention span was led away.

Not so outside. Frawg! Or as the weather beavers saw, fawg. A real one, not the wimpy hazes that the weather beavers pass off as frawg.

No this one was quite heavy and so thoroughly a frawg it grabbed you by the eyeballs as soon as you were outside. Every point sourse was surrounded by a dense, solid halo, none of this christianist ring stuff, that immediately filled you with the awe of reality and its physics, much less mysticism and superstition.

And driving in it was achingly tactile. You were immediately reminded that there are two ways to hide things. One is to keep light from it. But the other is to take its light and send it so widely that the contrast is obliterated and the object cannot be seen against its background. That’s the majesty of frawg. 

It’s also the adventure. Driving in this stuff is a minor risk, at least for nerds and sentient geeks. And who really cares about the rest so long as they don’t drag you along with them? On which azimuth I should mention for those such who might be reading the correlation with the comedian Andrew Griffith who larked about frawg stragglin’. Of course in his case frawg referred to an amphibian genus, and not to aerosols in the atmosphere. Ah!, the joys of language.

It struck me last night, while watching a rather egregiously prevaricative commercial that language is not important in physics. Communication, yes; but understanding, no. 

The day begins well.