Not so Mundane

Two Day. Passable in gym. Sparse. Semi-diverting podcasts. Science and Technology day. Except for a couple on breast cancer not infuriating. The maddening bit was an equation

Diagnosis of Disease = Disease.

This is the veriest of rot. The trivial demonstration of this is that the disease existed prior to the diagnosis. In fact, the diagnosis is predicated on the disease. Of course a false diagnosis is possible in absence of the disease but this also demonstrates the rot.

Another example of why contemporary journalism is, itself, rot. And on a good day, rubbish.

I did run across this cartoon: [Link]

Monday is the best day of the work week. It offer five days to accomplish something.

And if one can’t accomplish anything for the organization’s benefit, at least much of the organization assigned stercus tauri can be cleared while the bogs are in Monday Shock. And if one can dismiss the useless organizational plaque then one can work on one’s own projects and thus do something of merit and value.