Profusion of Stupidity?

Ice Cream day. And I appear to have eschewed constitutional from programming. Having missed the last two days I did not consult the thermometer until after I had straddled the bicycle. Ah well. Lesson time. 

It being ice cream day it seems fit that I dispose of some tabs so pray be prepared for such.

First, an article [Link] entitled “California Shooting Doesn’t Fit Washington’s Gun Debate”. I quote:

“Democrats who have vowed to use every mass shooting as a moment to call for new gun laws were tempering their rallying cries. Republicans who point to mental health services as the solution had begun to blame extremist views.”

I have to admit to finding this characterization not only accurate but damning of both. The democrud argument rather reminds me of the old saying about people who take knives to gun fights. The surest way to assure a civil war (yes, another one) is to mess with firearm ownership in a conscriptive way.

The repulsian argument is just laughable. These are the same fellows who have done everything they can to starve and abolish medical support. And they are the ones saying the wackos need treatment. Are they gong to put all the other religionist fundamentalists in treatment. If so, 09+ of the population of the old Confederacy will be in rubber rooms. 

What neither wants to admit is that they have to decide whether these are crimes or acts of insurrection and proceed accordingly. The problem with that is that it means associating both political and religionist behaviors with abnormality and illegality. On the slippery slope to a pogrom, or an expulsion. It’s one of the fundamental weaknesses of a democracy. Especially one that is gridlocked into ineffectiveness by partisan immiscibility and intransigence. Which means they have to cooperate while cleaning up their respective dysfunctional organizations.

Not gonna happen until collapse, I fear.

Nexy, a rather intriguing article [Link] entitled “More Than Half Of U.S. Classroom Computers Are Chromebooks”. This raises the question of why so many schules in the old Confederacy are using Apple slablets instead of Chromebooks? The answer is probably that the administrations and educationalists are dated acognitives stuck in the glory days of Apple II and such of their youths. 

This is a big part of the problem with computer education in the secondary schules these days. No coding, just using cliients. And thinking that’s computers. Yes, it is. For serfs.

Enough. Fixing educationalist stupidity is as hard (or harder) than fixing partisan stupidity. 

Next on our stupidity azimuth is an article [Link] entitled “The #1 way to fight climate change: Use LED lights”. The problem with this is the electron providers. In Greater Metropolitan Arab we have an electron uncooperative that is totally oblivious to anything other than money. So they refuse to do maintenance or modernization of their gris and LED lamp bulbs don’t last years but days and weeks. Voltage too high. Fluctuations too high. Outages too often.

So even the above mean in earnings can’t afford LED bulbs when they have to be replaced every month or so. Instead of ever year or so.

This type of cooperative stupidity is rampant in Greater Metropolitan Arab. The water uncooperative board unilaterally decided to cease fluoridation and despite guidance from the city conscript parents have not resumed. Perhaps firing parties are indicated? 

At root this is very easy to understand. It is a conflict between business and STEM, between greed and knowledge, between evil and good. Only the political/religionist wackiness can explain how such can happen.

To change in a (maybe) positive note, I saw an article [Link] entitled “Controversial experiment sees no evidence that the universe is a hologram”. On the positive side, this indicates that, in terms of this theory, I (and you) are real and not components of a hologram. (Which would really crash the politicians and religionists’ CPUs.) On the negative side, those politicians and religionists are real also.