Blowing Leaves

Into the week out. No gym this morning, Nor, sadly, constitutional. The air temperature was soundly below 40 degF and according to an Arab weather station into the solid phase of dihydrogen oxide. And I have to venture out after while in search of knowledge. Or at least computer knowledge.

Geekery? Perhaps. But if you use it to grasp actual reality then it becomes nerdery. 

On which azimuth, I note an article [Link] announcing something that is obvious to the rational, intelligent, and observing but totally oblivious to bogs. Namely, that raking leaves is damaging to the environment. 


Now the question is whether they will pay any attention?

Were I a wagering person I should place my bet on NO! Bogs are more interest in their appearance than the survival of the species. And their lawns are an extension of themselves. At least along the appearance vector. 

Next, an editorial [Link] out of NATURE decrying the fact that almost all PhDs aren’t going to get academic sinecures. 

I am going to be cool and not say anything nasty about this article. Even ostriches have to get their heads out of the sand, to clear their nostrils, if nothing else. I have mumbled this situation for years now and now that academia has made the obvious official I can die in peace.

Ha! Stupidity deserves reward. Mostly by exposing it, and this is a grand stupid. It is unclear if it has moderate saving merit of at least talking about the problem even though it is an old problem and WELL WORN.

But that’s the way of academia. They get credit for being the first  among their own for announcing something. Anything the Metics have done previously is rubbish and rot.

Perhaps that’s why they have overproduced and caused great harm?