Plentiful Chills

No drippeth, just shuddereth! Barely above the liquid -> solid phase change temperature this morning and the weather beavers foretell below tomorrow. Happily gym concluded for the week but I am steeling myself to accept that constitutionals are over for the year. And into the spring. 

It is times like this that I wish for suspended animation. Practical suspended animation. With no penalties like a 0.1 chance of awakening or pension punishment. So I could orthogonalize myself to summer and winter. Basically the seasons when my walks in park are verboten.

I have to admit to being a bit troubled about the shooting in San Bernardino (sp?) There seems to be some ambiguity on how many people were involved and that is troubling because it raises the probability of a constabulary cover-up to quiet things down. Is there (or not) a third soldier of evil roaming about?

There is also ambiguity on the degree of planning in this. If this really is almost spontaneous, it is heartening since it indicates that these efforts are spoilt by over-planning and that limits the effectiveness of the rational. Of course it also raises the question of whether any of these people are rational?

Most disturbing is that this seems to be a family affair. If so, it does severe damage to the argument that most Muslims are moderates. If this type of thing is embedded in Muslim family life then no trust appears to be possible.If so, this opens the door to a Repulsian pogrom.

I have great confidence that Alibam will be near the head of the line seeking to host a death camp.