Alabama Soccer

Early on this morning I was reminded that yesterday was the (U)Alabama – Auburn (U) football game. Annual event. 

I didn’t watch it. For several reasons. But primarily because it is negative and meaningless. Meaningless unless irrational local animosity (competition, so called,) is meaningful to you. It isn’t to me.

My father played for Auburn. I attended Alabama. I was paid to do so. Because football is not a valid reason to attend a college unless you get paid to play football for them in return for an education.

I got paid to learn. Not play football. I did attend some games. As a designated walker responsible for getting inebriated undergraduates back to dorm after the game. That and an italian ham sandwich were all the redeeming value.

So I didn’t watch the game. 

And I refuse to call it the “Iron Bowl”. It isn’t a bowl game because there is no competition for the chance to play and it is no longer played in Birmingham. 

But that’s the sort of mental nonsense I expect from people who do.

I only mention this to repay those of you who intruded on my privacy and concentration with your comments about the activity. If you don;t bother me with yours I won’t trouble you with mine.