Walking Thinking Again

Saturn’s day. Turkey day is over, including its adjunct, day of ebony Freya. Another mild (?) morning, at least temperature high enough to venture into park. Good walk. No great thoughts other than that there is no such ting as pure toleration.

And it also occurred that the thing I am most thankful of is that the holiday is past.

Holidays are stressful and thereby evil. The stress arises from parents and family. We have the solstice season approaching with the whole Santa Claus – Tree – Presents thing and therein lies the root of the stress. The whole nonsense of presents and the pressure and agony of waiting for that. That is the wellspring.

Of course it isn’t helped by family trying to deny the tide of time. More stress. Trying to not be what we are. Putting up with people that we don’t want to be around. Stress. Evil.

Perhaps that is another aspect of civilization? Our denial of its existence.

But holidays are definitely about tolerance. And the wellspring of intolerance.

Thinking about the eminent end of walking is also stressful.

But now I know why turkey is so popular now. The tryptophan.