Waste and Corruption

Thor’s day. Also that quaint Amerikan holiday that has grown to be as horrible and painful – almost – as the religionist season – which follows hot on its heels. EXTRO extravaganza of hate and loathing and STRESS!

Went to the park this morning for morning constitutional. Air temperature up within range. Horrible! Ugly. Nasty! Each year, in a fever pitch of wasting the public purse, the conscript parents of Greater Metropolitan Arab, dominated by the evil real estate gang, mount hideous lamp arrangements in the park and downtown. The latter is moderately ignorable since no one is downtown after 1700 hours.

But the park as illuminated this morning in the most hideous and wasteful of arrangements. Some were even hung from living trees, desecrating them. A horrible experience. I was completely unable to do anything except feel a biting wind and the ache in my limbs.

No joy. No satisfaction. No communion. Just evil ugly light patterns.

In an equally (?) nasty article, [Link] I read about a survey by state of the books (?) read by high schule seniors. The summary:

I recognize few of these, especially the more read, at least in this counting. That does not surprise. The books mandated fro schule reading are not ones that I sought when I was in such subjugations. And I have tried heartily to rebel since.

The result for Alibam is instructive. First of all, it isn’t a book. It’s a play. That is included in the senior literature textbook. So in effect, the book most read by Alibam high schule seniors is their state issued literature textbook! I fear this confirms my fears. Alibam is now in actuality a third world state. Our children do not read unless compelled. And that compulsion is evil.

Not that I dislike MacBeth. One of Rattle Lance’s better works. Lots of family murder and such. Very fitting for today.

But it is still depressing that seniors in high schule are so whipped.