Counting Down

Two day. Air temperature up a bit. Gym less crowded. Only polite weight bouncers and No educationalists. Podcasts slightly above mediocre. I suspect my expectations are too high or something. Or I miss the era of not-for-money podcasting. Nowadays they have sponsors and commercials and inadequate content. But reading is rather impractical, especially when one is using one’s arms. 

I suspect some of the sparseness of population is the impending holiday. I have to admit to a bit of indecisiveness. It is, after all, the only real American holiday. Still made up but less annoying than days honoring dead politicians or ambiguous causes. Much less depressing than the next holiday – whichever one is observed – deriving from winter solstice observation.That one is just plain nasty, especially now that people fight over what it is to be called. More evidence of increased diversity decreasing tolerance.

The problem with thanksgiving is twofold. First, it has become rather nastily associated with family. Why? Because puritans and pilgrims emigrant to the Americas had to adhere to family to survive? Is that an issue today? Seems rather primitive, which agrees with what Norman Cantor has to say on the subject.

It also has to do with food. I am not opposed to food. I am opposed to eating too much, people who do – especially if they are nether rational nor cognitive, and people who think a diet is some punctuated regime. The only punctuation about a diet is that the meals and foodstuffs are discrete ranges.

This aversion to “dieting” got enhanced this morning. Seems one of the Israeli schule has found that these fad schemes are rather specific in terms of individual effects. [Link] That’s a polite way of saying that they produce claimed results for only a minority of people and are utter rubbish for others, often detrimental,

One more indication that one has to think of diet as what one eats while alive and it ceases only upon discorporation. And the contribution of diet to that discorporation should be minimized as much as possible. Even dihydrogen oxide can be deleterious in large amounts. 

Those who think and act as if diet is something else are irrational, bogus humans, likely nogs with a sprinkling of geeks who are to pitied rather than exterminated. They will take care of that latter matter themselves and some hindrance of that seeking might be altruistic. Maybe? Of course that rather flies in the face of decreased tolerance although I am not at all sure telling someone they are slime mold is tolerance.

FD SCP insists we shall heat soak a partial corpus of turkey and serve it with homogenized fat and starch. Perhaps a lotion of fat and protein may be prepared. But I doubt we shall be able to avoid the irritation and annoyance of family. 

At least it isn’t as depressing as knowing the next holiday marks the inauguration of that hideous nastiness known as winter.