Dog Catcher Situation

OK. Trying again.  Still quite micturated at the Arab Electron Uncooperative. They flicker the potential and I lose a half-hour of creative (?) effort. And this is a utility that operates for the public good?

Stercus Tauri!

I was aiming to mumble a bit about refugees but that got sidetracked a bit. At least the delay – courtesy of one of Arab’s premier public utilities – exposed me to some more considerations courtesy of various media sources and my own little mop head of gray. Or is it grey?

I ran across this article [Link]

that talks about how making nice would encourage more muslims to come? And that alienating muslims leads to increased terrorists.

Can’t argue with the merits of the argument – if it weren’t being applied to religionists. Almost all of the data we have indicates that being nice to religionists just encourages them to terrorize. And they don;t integrate. They only band together to strengthen their opposition.

What doesn’t get discussed is the difference between evangelical and non-evangelical religionists. The latter will basically leave you alone if you leave them alone, so they are maybe neutral. Evangelicals, on the other hand, will take any kindness on your part to be weakness to be repaid with harassment and terror.

So the best you can do is a zero sum game with loss of resources. At worst you get a war in return for altruism.

At the risk of being Hobbesian, the highest level of charity for religionists is doing nothing. Charity isn’t supposed to kill or cripple you.

I have no opposition to refugees who are going to be and stay grateful and coexistent. But those who use it to hurt us are enemies and worse.

When I get time I’ll develop the physics of tolerance.