State of Concentration

Thor’s day. End of gym week. And based on the latest foretelling of weather beavers time once more to reappraise their trustworthiness. Sundae night is foretold to be a drip nite.

Survived the excursion to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Nasty. Too many schmucklets (= non-kosher schmucks) weaving rapidly between highway lanes sans signaling. One can only hope they kill themselves (and only themselves) prior to reproducing. Or that their spouses are unfaithful and adventurous. Not eased by the fall (and accumulation) of dihydrogen oxide. Strangely, the accumulations were only moderate at the road drains but rather extreme in the parking lots. Several had more than sufficient depth to drown Ira Hayes. I was so sodden, especially by shoes that I had to re-attire on return to Castellum SCP.

Much of the discussion of the day circled the drain on the majority of guvnuhs declining Syrian refugees. This brought me to ask myself, what refugee is so depraved as to want to settle in Alibam? We already are starving a significant fraction of the state’s population due to un and under employment. To say nothing of homeless and otherwise destitute. And, of course, partisan politicians don;t get the idea of charity for anyone except themselves. So all that is left would be someone with ulterior motives which puts the paranoia closer to the reasonable and believable pile. 

Not that such will matter to the democrud administration. As with repulsians, appearance and greed are more important the integrity and rationality so no self-inflicted wound is too small. It almost seems, at times, that these politicians are deliberately brewing a civil war although I can’t figure the up side. Except delaying doing anything about real problems.

On which note, diversity is becoming one such. Or rather, that illegitimate offspring of diversity – absence of tolerance – is increasingly a problem. This has led me to hypothesize a relationship:

Diversity * Tolerance = Constant

The problem then is that as tolerance falls, violence increases and we have all sort of problems, including the disintegration of society, that result.  So it may be time for a time-out – recognizing that seems antithetical – from increased diversity. Before we have fascism or some such imposed on us.

Film at Eleven.