Silent Lies

Mundane day. One day. Back to gym. Air temperature moderate. Crowd low. Podcast episode horrible. EXTRO gushing and gooing. And sadly the whole thing was presented in a good spirit but alienated utterly along the INTRO axis. The only good thing I can say was that it was part one of two and I deleted buth parts after hearing the first.

But I did have desperate attention to be diverted and I watched some video on the electromagnetic audio-video displays of politicians making statements/speeches. The audio is transmitted over an FM channel so that there is only the cacophany of weight bouncer swearing and educationalist outdoor voice conversations. Almost no one has an FM receiver and a primary source of amusement and exasperation are the closed caption feeds that are one continuous stream of errors and failures.

Anyway what I noticed was that absent the noise different politicians projected different things. A scant few, essentially the ones not running for office, projected sincerity and accuracy. A few projected blatant prevarication, most notably relatives of former POTUSes (POTUSi?) Most projected prevarication intermixed with excessive nonsense and blather. 

This didn’t divert me entirely from the bleeding EXTRO podcast but it did make me wonder if it was time to move to Canadia. And whether I could keep my breakfast down after the experience.

Off now to determine the latter.