Not a Debate

Saturn’s Day. Winter has arrived. At least by my criteria. Air temperature below cardiologist’s minimum. So no constitutional. Spent the equivalent effort – but not as good – on stationary bicycle. 

The ungood has two azimuths. First, it’s just leg movement aside from a bit of thrashing and, of course, breathing. Counter, it does get me a higher heart rate so maybe better from a cardiovascular standpoint. But second, it isn’t outside, among not good trees and a bit of Nature. That’s the biggie. My morale is hideously lowered by the absence of Nature.

On the reading side, I see that some to-do is being made of climate change debate. [Link] I won’t dwell on this. It’s not news. It’s been around. A lot of human-ostrich miscegenations and politicians are structuring the matter as a debate so they can sabotage any survival of the species. Sad but quite frankly, if we’re that stupid I don’t have much patience or energy.

Science ain’t about debate. It’s about understanding. 

Death ain’t about debate, either. It’s about being dead. 

The probability that nothing can be done to alleviate climate change increases every day we waste playing political games. Remember that when you have too many dead for funerals. Remember your politicians. And how they reduced the population.

Maybe to ZERO.