Revealed Denial

Mundane day. And the fall of dihydrogen oxide is so fine that windshield wipers are almost ineffectual. Hence the gym a bit, happily, scant this morning as the timid and sleepy stayed ahome. The ambiance was good and the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about post-atheism. Aside from an overabundance of literary kitsch and gibble it was passable.

This led me to consider Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain who claimed, while being one of the foremost soldiers of the Second American Revolution, to be a professor of rhetoric and natural and revealed religion. Chamberlain, of course, is the man who saved the Union. And should have been POTUS.

Buy instilled with some podcast rhetoric about the nature of religion, totally ignoring the distinction between individual and organizational religion, it occurred to me that most revealed religions are inherently denialist. By claiming to have some revelation of the nature of reality, the religion has to deny any merit to the quest for understanding of reality. In this regard, organized religion has to be orthogonal to science and reason because it cannot exist as it does otherwise.

That seems enough for a first day. Selah.

Although it does explain why religionists and denialism seem paired. They are.