Ice Cartoon Day

Cartoons have always seemed to characterize ice cream day. Back when we had newspapers, the sundae cartoons were polychrome and larger than the rest-of-the-week monochrome cartoons. Thus they were extravagant and of a lower humor density. The color has carried over to contemporary wen cartoons but the density has been further reduced by the absence of some streams.

Do cartoons have streams? Is that the right word? How about a trajectory? Too dignifying?

Anyway, I saw this cartoon: [Link]

and it triggered some cogitation. When I went off to college I left a lot of stuff – gear, to use the Scots term – in the care  of my parents. They waited a couple of years and disposed of most of it without asking me so I had no chance to save anything, just to mourn its loss. Indeed, I still mourn stuff I treasured and could use today that they disposed of.

At least the abuse seems to be bi-directional.

Now I have to consider all their talk about leaving their stuff to me (and sibling.) 

The second: [Link]

puts me in mind of my attitude towards most (not all) holidays. Nothing I like better than sitting at table with a bunch of folks I have no commonality with and eat foodstuffs that I detest. Actually I don;t so much detest the food as how it is prepared. 

I recall reading somewhere that the degree to which we define ourselves in terms of our family tells us how medieval out society is. Holidays are feudalistic.