Unreligious Altruism

Wetted. That’s what things are this morning. The weather beavers have been rather confused and confusing in their predictions. Of course, if they are confused, as evidenced by inaccuracy the last week and disconsistency, then they are not unlikely to confuse us who depend on them. So no high marks for trust instilling, folks.

And the air temperature seems off, Supposed to be “cold” this morning but only cooling with the falling dihydrogen oxide. And while the bed of the Shoal Creek was a foot deep in that fall, the path was actually less nasty than yesterday, which indicates some difference in the structure of the fall.

Not much to think about this morning. Except whether I was hot and whether getting a bit soaked was worth remediation of the situation. And I had to make do with the middling rain coat that I bought last year when the Maine Guide Store failed to offer a replacement for mt insulated rain coat of many years. I do hate inconsistency; it’s a cheat, but I also hate incompetence. Which is compounded by the idiocy of lining sleeves with fleece, One has to wonder if it was deliberate evil?

That puts me to mind of some work out of U Chicago [Link] that indicates that children raised in relgionist environments are less altruistic than those who are not.

Can’t say I find this surprising. Many years of observation indicate that religionists practice “altruism” primarily on their fellow members of the religionist organization and not on others. One of those freedom of religion equals freedom to persecute those not of your sect things.

Which comes down to

No Charity from Religionists. Unless they are bullying you.

And raises the question of whether charity really does only occur in spite of belief?