Rain and Cheese

It rained while I slumbered. Did the weather beaver mention that? I don’t recall that he did. They seem to be doing a rather poor job this last week or so. Is this a foretelling of the disaster this winter will be?

But I went to park and executed my constitutional, carefully treading the wet leaves on the wet path and cursing a city government that waste electric potential difference funds on religionist lighting display that do as little to illuminate the walking path as the religionist organizations illuminate the path of life. Yes, we have reached the time of year when the city government is most wasteful and bigoted.

This led me to consider the nature of organized schules. They were terrible in my day and so far as I can discern they have only worsened since. The hypothesis that they are responsible for what is wrong with the young and society is unavoidable. Violence and ignorance ridden, reeking with the cancer of incompetence, how can we stagger on? Clearly in spite of. 

How have organizations become the evil that preys on humanity?

On the positive side, which is depressingly TOO SMALL these days, I note an article [Link] attributing the elucidation of the ideal toasted cheese sandwich to the American Chemical Society. A welcome report even if blatantly untrustworthy. The ACS is a profession society and does not do research on its own except about the profession. Certainly not about junk food.

Yes, sad as it is, the toasted cheese sandwich is junk food and along many azimuths. It is, nonetheless, one of the best of the junk foods in terms of satisfaction, not least of which is that it cannot be successfully prepared by a chain restaurant. The toasted cheese sandwich is best prepared at home although a greasy spoon grill or diner can do a passable job. But not a chain. 

In fact, we may argue that any toasted cheese sandwich is better than almost anything offered by a chain restaurant. 

I personally am most inclined to toasted cheese sandwiches prepared on a clothes iron. That story is elsewhere in these annals.

I should acknowledge the article was called to my attention by my colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force. He tells me his favorite way of preparing toasted cheese sandwich involves a cast iron skillet and a propane torch. But he has a plasma cannon in his attic.