Necessary Roughness

Genius is not easily abided. Look at Einstein’s wives. For that matter look at FD SCP. Or any of my long time colleagues. None of whom, I am surprised to announce, have tried, to my knowledge, to discorporate me.

So I was a bit amused when I encountered this article. [Link] It’s about the Cambrian “Parent” of Linux, Linus Torvalds who did an anus reconstruction of some folks who wrote rather sloppy code.

I have to wonder if they were over influenced by ADA or one of those popular languages that are dependent on cloud extraction of gold.

It struck a deep resonance. Positive.

I should comment that there are, IMHO, two types or styles of coding. One is when you code for one-time use; the other is for “permanent” use.

The former only has to work. Maybe even only work once. But it has to be trustable.

The latter also has to work. Every time within announced boundaries. And it has to be esthetically satisfying.

The code in this article fails regardless. Spectacularly.

Hence the sphincter resection.