War and Creativity

Mundane day. Soggy. Not too bad at gym although the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about “Just War” was disappointingly trite. The narrator and interviewees covered the usual history and ethical quandaries but they never got to the meat of the matter of whether Justice has any objective meaning.

Note I am NOT talking about the legal system. That is a semi-objective system for implementing the enforcement of utterly subjective rules and the subjective penalties therein. Justice is one of those social things that may – barely – make sense in the context of a hunter-gatherer band’s internal matters but nothing any larger. Beyond that size domain Justice is increasingly a fiction for a control mechanism to operate.

Not coincidentally, war is the play toy of organizations or those individuals who suppress their humanity to act like an organization. So any war that advances or maintains the survival of the organization is going to be just so far as the organization is concerned.

Related to this, I find, is an article [Link] I recently ran across. It (poorly – contemporary journalism) relates some work done by some Massachusetts academics. At its simplest it demonstrates something we INTROs have always known:

Collaboration inhibits Creativity.

That doesn’t mean that collaboration is useless, but it does mean that it needs to be limited to efforts that require NO creativity. Say a latrine party, for example.

The problem is that a lot of bad managers have gotten indoctrinated that meetings and working parties are good ways to arrive at creative solutions. They aren’t. Meetings are basically a way of diffusing guilt and working parties are a means to obtain self-regulated labor (or self-rejection of labor.)

But for creativity, one person is still the best size for a group. The logic of this is simple. Creativity is rare. Maybe 0.1 of humanity (at most) can be creative. SO if you stick ten people together in a group perhaps one is creative and the rest are anti-creative. See. The creativity gets buried in the social EXTRO stercus tauri.

So if you are creative, protect your individuality of work environment.

Privacy makes Progress.