Buy Their Rope

Ice Cream Day. Air temperature still warmer, partly due to the cessation of the universally hated Daylight Saving time. Is this why we hate politicians? They know we hate DST and yet they keep it in place. Speaks to their fundamental evil, it seems.

Speaking of which I was listening to an acquaintance talk about having to do a bunch of “overtime”. He is in the civilian service and works in contracting, which is not a very high morale organization. Mostly because of inept management. Seems there is some sort of ‘gotta-be-done’ mess and so he is working 12/7. When we talked about this he didn’t seem actively unhappy, just tired.

But what struck me was the difference between him and license clerks in state governments, especially Kentucky. Here are YG civilian servants who give up their religious freedom (so to speak) by being called to office during services and they do so willingly and unstintingly. True American service. And then we have license clerks in state offices who decide who can have licenses based on their religious freedom (so to speak.) This is NOT a model of True American service. 

So why do these latter still have their jobs? 

While I’m on the plus side of the YG, I noted an article [Link] yesterday. It quotes Bill Gates, the corporate oligarch, 

“the private sector is in general inept. How many companies do venture capitalists invest in that go poorly? By far most of them.”


“I would love to see a tripling, to $18 billion a year from the U.S. government to fund basic research alone, Now, as a percentage of the government budget, that’s not gigantic… This is not an unachievable amount of money.”

IOW, private industry is INCAPABLE of doing real research (and development?) but the YG is eminently capable. So why is YG R&D under siege? Why are all the politicians clamoring for it to be contracted out?

Another reason to hate politicians. They are ruining our society and our country.

Criminalize Partisanship.