Saturn’s day. Also All Hallows Eve. Happily the weather is forecast to be abysmal so FD SCP and I can happily bunker down and not have to worry about the moral implications of dispersing body rot to immature humans.

Higher air temperatures than yesterday. Almost enjoyable in park. Since weather has turned I have returned to listening to podcast episodes on weekend to cut the discomfort. Today’s was an episode of Linux Luddites about a trial of Open SUSE. Not very positive so far.

I can recall purchasing an HP itty bitty lap box with Open SUSE installed. Recall I thought it horrible. Complained about it on a chat site and got bashed by a couple of corporate IT types about how SUSE was wonderful and I was full of mind stercus. Took me a few days to get over the bullying and by that time a Debian variant had been tweaked for the itty bitty and I blew Open SUSE away without a qualm about disintegrating my warranty. That act has since proven itself one of the better I have made in the computer world. 

But I don;t want to talk about Linux distros that are Winders wannabes. And their fan boys. I want to talk about what happens when you say “(Name of OS) sucks” on a discussion site. 

  • Q: Windows sucks. A: Yeah. But you can pay big bucks for this third party SW and it will suck less.
  • Q: iOS sucks.  A: Yeah, but that’s all there is so be happy.
  • Q: (Linux Distro) sucks  .  A: Yeah, so install a different one. The journey’s the thing, not the destination.
  • Q: Android sucks.  A: What’s Android?

I still have that itty bitty lap box and use it occasionally when I don’t mind nose grease on the screen.