Drone Murmur

Much as I consider them a nuisance, drones have been in the media lately. So I suppose some mumbling is in order.

It seems that shooting drones down is legal, at least in Kentucky. [Link] That fellow who was upset by a bitty drone buzzing his property and took a scatter gun to it has been cleared of criminal charges. Seems that one can indeed blast away – legally – at drones that trespass one’s property. Obviously a fine legal point here beyond the ken of STEM nerds, but this, after all, Kentucky where public officials have infinite freedom to interpret their work duties as they will, ignoring those that they don;t like under any farcical premise or precept. 

Evidently the owner of the foul aircraft is litigating to recover damages to his property in Yankee government court. Be interesting to see how that proceeds. Does he have an expectation of not being bashed for trespassing? Seems simple but this is, after all, the legal instrumentality and that is beyond any form of logic or sense.

Meanwhile, [Link] the YG is proceeding in its plan to require drone registration. What makes this newsworthy is folks like MalWart and Amazing are chiming in. Evidently they don’t want to get their business ruined by people exercising their legal rights against trespass.

I’m waiting for someone to shoot one down with a black market Stinger. Not cool. A laser jammer makes a lot more sense.