Why Not 1

I don’t have a “Bucket List.”

And NO, it isn’t because I don’t plan to die. Rather, it’s because I don’t find a Bucket List a very attractive idea.

Simply put, as I understand it, a Bucket List is a list of specific activities I want to perform or places I want to visit or other enumerable/elistable(?) things prior to discorporation.

I don’t have one.

First, I see no reason to be bound by what other people do or what they think I should do. Except constabulary and such. So I don’t plagariaze things I want to do. If I can’t think it up by myself it’s derivative and meaningless.

Second, a Bucket List is a admission of incompetence until it is completed.

And third, once you have completed it you are ready to discorporate.

Note that the second and third aspects operate on opposite sides of the list to totally compromise the idea.

My last, and most important reason is that the most important (obviously, to me) things I have done in my life haven’t been planned. They sometimes result from planned things – unanticipated consequences – mostly research projects but many of them are purely accidental and stochastic. It works. For me at least.

So why waste good paper and ink?

And handicap my life?